Month: March 2020

Cool Tree Pics on New O’Hana Farm,That’s Us :)

We have many gorgeous old trees on our farm. Between cleaning and working, I try to capture their charm. To be honest, standing beside them and looking up, is not showing all of their strength and age, but like many of you, I wonder… Continue Reading “Cool Tree Pics on New O’Hana Farm,That’s Us :)”

Bad Weather-Power Outage-Ways to Illuminate Your Home

After the Tornado last week, Nashville, TN, 2020, our power was out for 20 hours. We were blessed. Placing candles around the kitchen and family rooms, my mom started setting up mirrors and getting out shiny pots, pans, and their lids. She reminded me… Continue Reading “Bad Weather-Power Outage-Ways to Illuminate Your Home”

Helpful Tips to Aid a Pollinator

We recently stopped in at our local, friendly, USDA, United States Department of Agriculture, Lebanon, TN. Always friendly and Welcoming. Stop in to your USDA to find out about classes they may offer, like Master Gardening. We would love to take this class! (PLEASE… Continue Reading “Helpful Tips to Aid a Pollinator”

New O’Hana Farm Charm

Surprise!-Our Daughter is A Dinosaur-Have You Seen Strange Dino Sightings in Your Area?

Build Great Memories! Love, Your Family & Friends at New O’Hana Farm, TN