Healing takes time and patience

We have a mature tree on our farm that has had a rough past couple of years. Limbs breaking off with a tornado and several strong wind storms. At best maybe half of the tree flowering and ultimately producing leaves. So last summer we started with some mulch and many prayers. Now we are seeing this Spring a tree that is almost fully flowering with blooms and leaves that are vibrant and beautiful!

Of course not everyone took time to enjoy the tree. Not with sticks to fight over.

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  1. LaShelle says:

    Wow! Iā€™m so glad you were able to salvage it, We have a peach tree in a similar situation and I have to figure out how to get it back up right again

    1. I’m so sorry about your peach tree šŸ™ We have several trees that are so old and just falling to pieces. We purchased some fruit trees and about 10 Crepe Myrtle trees that we will plant here and maybe some at our daughters homes. I pray your peach tree thrives!!! :)Jen

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