Bad Weather-Power Outage-Ways to Illuminate Your Home

After the Tornado last week, Nashville, TN, 2020, our power was out for 20 hours. We were blessed. Placing candles around the kitchen and family rooms, my mom started setting up mirrors and getting out shiny pots, pans, and their lids.

She reminded me of a Tornado we endured when I was just a 3 year old in Brownsburg, Indiana. Power was out and neighbors were walking around checking on each other. They kept coming by, asking why we had power and they did not? My mom shared her knowledge. Bring out your shiny items, mirrors. She had learned this as a little girl living in Indianapolis, Indiana, during storms, and she passed it on.

These photos do not give the light we had, justice. (My favorite is the swirled sugar dish!)We spent the night talking about our blessings, the work that would need to be done in repairs, and hearing my parents reminiscing and laughing as we sat in our nicely lit rooms.

The next day, my mom told me my dad an her had gone to bed, and he said it is so quiet. He is used to the sound of their fan each night. The second he said how quiet it was, the power came on. :)Jen

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