Accepting Help

I don’t know if you do this or not? I try so hard to tackle a job all by myself.

When I was young, and even in to my late 40’s, I didn’t want help. Here on New O’Hana Farm TN, help is welcomed! I work very hard at 52, but I let my husband catch all the ducks and geese, put them in the crate, and drive them to The Aviary. But, I get upset if he offers to help fold clothes or clean up after a meal 🙂

Here I am standing in their new home we worked hard on and still have work to do, looking like I am taking all the credit for wrangling them from The Nursery to The Aviary!

He made it look Simple! Walk up to your duck or goose, slide your hand down their throat, grab them up, put them in the crate. Maybe next time…

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