New O’Hana Farm, TN English Bulldogs

Your Journey Begins

When you hold your AKC English Bulldog Puppy for the first time!

Explore Posts About Puppies, Genealogy, Fun And Food!

Our Posts And Photos Give You A Personal Look In To How We Raise Our AKC English Bulldog Puppies-The Commitment We Have With Our Genealogy Business-Jennifer’s Books & Poems That Are Ready To Be Published-And The Beauty All Around Us Here On Our Farm. New O’Hana Farm, TN is in Beautiful Watertown, Tennessee 40 Miles East of Nashville! Take a look at our Stories and Gallery!!

It’s Not All About Puppies! Discover The Joy of Learning About Your Ancestors


You can meet your new puppy on video the day he or she is born! Visit the farm to choose your new snuggly baby! Daily & Nightly photos will be shared to your email or phone to keep you updated on your puppies progress!


Schedule your first consultation to begin building your Family Tree. Discover your Ancestors! Ask about a Family Book created with Timelines-Photos-Stories! ONCE YOU START DISCOVERING FAMILY YOU CAN’T STOP!


Who LOVES TO READ & WRITE? I Do! Here Is Where Everyone Can Share What Writings We Are Working On & What Books We Are Reading!!

What People Say!

“If you are going to get one of her puppies, do It! We got Odin last Friday and he is great! He had his first vet appointment and NO issues. No worms. Good tail pocket and clear breathing!” Tom D.

Tom D.

“Thank you so much, we love him! And our whole experience buying him was wonderful!”

Jobie P.

“Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much for all the hours you worked on the family tree book! God Bless!”

Theresa P.

Special Deals Available

Book your own unique experience buying your puppy and discover a discount when you pass our name on to another pleased customer. Discover your family genes! Refer a Customer!

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