Our New Tennessee Farm

We recently bought a farm in Watertown, TN

What a huge dream come true and we thank the Lord daily. Picture us driving across our 11 acres and out the window is a rainbow! I said, “Look baby, a rainbow.” My husband then turned to our realtor and said, “We want to buy this farm!”

We have a lot of outside work to do. Repairing and painting our outbuildings. Building our Greenhouse for our Aquaponics, Hydroponics. Setting up our Microgreen building. Defining our offices in our Red Barn and house.

Right now we are listing our goals and defining our strategy for the year and long term. Reading stacks of books. Watching Justin Rhodes and Curtis Stone on Youtube. Presenting our farm on social media. Youtube. WordPress. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest.

This is our beginning of preserving this farm. Passing our growth on to our next generations.

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