For Blacky

In Memory of Blacky. I know we are told not to get attached to our farm animals, but when they choose to want to be around all of us, they get a very special place in our hearts. Blacky was found pulled under the fence up by the chicken coop Sunday afternoon. Possibly by a Weasel. We have been consumed with tearing roofing out of our dining room and grandkids play room to insulate for winter. Around lunch, I realized I had not seen Blacky or Rocky, nor had I heard the Crow of Our Handsome Roosters. Each morning they would greet us with a few rounds of Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, then walk around the farm looking for bugs. They loved to walk with my dad several times each day and night when he gets fresh air and sunshine. They hung out when the grandkids played on their bikes and trampoline. Walked casually among our three dogs. Blacky was the leader, and Rocky will find his way. He was spotted yesterday chasing a bug. Blacky was more laid-back and gentle. I will miss seeing him peeking in the side door. :)Jen

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