Tilling Our Expanded Garden

Our 2 Helpers in the Garden tonight are our dogs Daisy and Oreo in the photo at the end of the gallery. Or should I say Our 5 Helpers. Daisy, our English Bulldog is pregnant with at least 3 puppies we saw on her ultrasound!!!)

Daisy and Oreo love to be with us every time we go outside. Daisy has quit charging the tractor that she must believe is a large grumbly beast trying to eat her momma! Now if we can get her to believe the motorcycle and lawn mower are not giant beasts to conquer, we have a complete victory!


I’m very much in love with our tractor and the color pink! For a moment I was laughing picturing my husband’s face when he opened the barn door and saw the tractor! Surprise!!! How do you think he would react if I paint her pink? 🙂

We have expanded our garden in a BIG WAY! And we are very excited to get the dirt tilled several times before we begin to plant. This large area by the barn has been the stomping ground for our goat families that we had last year.

Spring has arrived and we work around the rainy days. Cross our fingers and toes, after April 15, we hope to begin planting vegetable and fruit seeds and show you our progress.

Our prayer for everyone is that spring is bringing the hope of new life and growth. It can be both plant and personal. Hope your spring is shaping up well!

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