New O’Hana Farm, TN Genealogy Research

~Genealogy~Family Tree~Ancestors~ This is an introduction to share what mysteriously and wonderfully fills a part of my mind and time besides writing a novel on my mom’s childhood, my fictional book Light Through The Willows, and four book sets of my poems. All of which will be presented in smaller form to promote and highlightContinue reading “New O’Hana Farm, TN Genealogy Research”

Smiles! Share Yours

This year 2022 has really GREAT SMILES I noticed while scanning through our family photos! Why not share a few smiles and maybe others will start sharing their smiles too! I had to start with our 3 beautiful girls that are a huge blessing, creative, loving, talented, and love the Lord and their family. PsalmsContinue reading “Smiles! Share Yours”

PUPPY WOOING:Look at Mickey’s Special and Gentle Love He Gives

an english bulldog has never ending love

Summer Time Puppy Fun

Who Wants One? Or Two?!!!! Do YOU?!!!!! We have 2 Male AKC ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPPIES 9 Weeks Young Having Fun and wanting to spend their furry forever life with you!