English Bulldogs can not do extreme weather. For potty breaks today here in Watertown, Tennessee we are headed for more shady areas. Our temperature Wednesday August 3, 2022 at 12:20 is 91 Degrees and feels like 103 Degrees. The sky is clear of clouds which makes the sun’s rays able to reach our bodies quicker.Continue reading

Liley An English Bulldog

HER TREASURE OF THE DAY Today Liley, our 3 month old english bulldog found an old black walnut that a squirrel or maybe a raccoon brought down from our woods. To everyone that owns a puppy, you know how adorable it is to watch them look around for a special place to hide some item.Continue reading “Liley An English Bulldog”

Writing Light Through The Willow

The Vision and the obstacles Creative writing-novels-poems After my accident, my brain and body went to a different place for a long time. Family and friends took care of and checked on me continually. But, everyone has to work and take care of their own life. This meant I sat staring and sleeping for HOURS.Continue reading “Writing Light Through The Willow”


congratulations to us, New o’hana farm, tn We had three families interested in the female from our first litter. Each time a family had to back out for health reasons, my husband would say, “Maybe we just keep her. She is adorable!” When the fourth family fell through, again for health reasons, we knew sheContinue reading “PRESENTING LILEY”


Losing a puppy:Always in our hearts baby Girl To be honest, I have put this post off for too long. This precious baby girl tried so hard to keep up and to think how hard she tried, makes tears pinch hard at my nose. When she was only a few weeks old, I came inContinue reading “IN MEMORY OF SARAFINA”