Daisy the English Bulldog Her First Year

Time flies! It’s very true! We have really enjoyed our first year with our English Bulldog, Daisy Gentle Lee.

She loves her toys! Their (her sister Oreo, and her) basket is full of Kong Toys-Chew Bones and Squeaky Toys are Daisy’s favorites! Her diet is strict, but once a week, momma gives her and Oreo a snack toy with a little bit of peanut butter inside.

Daisy’s coat and polka-dot pattern is gorgeous, as you can tell when she had her photo taken on the purple rug! Her large polka-dot on her bum is her beauty mark and helps to show off her cute little tail when it wags.

Dress-Up time is adorable, but snuggle time with momma, daddy and Oreo is very important. Who could say no to those sweet eyes? She tries to sit up but she slips in to deep slumber quickly, and then the snoring begins 🙂

Her personality is consistently gentle and loving. Daisy loves when our grandchildren visit, and gets sad when they leave. She has never growled, nor snapped at anyone. We highly recommend an English Bulldog as a family dog, especially if you have children. :)Jen

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