1 corinthians 14:40

Let all things be done decently and in order. From the King James Version

My previous post was about my accident and really more selfishly for me to air out my mind. If you do not read that post, absolutely no worries. I feel like I cleaned a wound and am ready to move on.

This post is simple. I love to start my morning with the bible and prayer. I’m a sinner and I have loved knowing that I can start each day trying to do better than the day before.

This post is titled First things first. These are words I liked hearing as a child. I felt like if my parents or another adult were saying them, then they had a schedule and everything would be just fine the whole day! Like being wrapped in a warm blanket.

I’ve taken first things first and always have tried applying these words to my mornings. Read my bible and pray.

Like I said above, this post is simple. First things first. :)Jen

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