Hi! I’m Jennifer And We Are New O’Hana Farm, TN English Bulldogs

Just thought we could start doing a few videos to give everyone an idea of how we care for and play with our first litter of English Bulldogs :)Jen

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  1. Scott says:

    Beautiful pups. Welcome to the area. I am in Signal Mountain. Not sure how far from you. How often do you have pups and what do they cost?


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    1. When I was 6 years old we moved to Chattanooga TN and I remember going with my parents to Signal Mountain. My dad passed away last June of cancer, but I thought of a funny thing he did, well not funny to us, but he walked over to an area and acted like he had fallen off the mountain. There was a rock landing not far down that he jumped on. He told that story so many times as I grew up and to my kids, but he did say he hadn’t thought it through. It was hard to climb back up! We live in Watertown, TN probably about 2 hours from you! I would love a few photos of the mountain area! This is our first litter and this has been a 24/7 awesome and tiring adventure for me, but I am in love with these babies. We will have another litter next year. We have 4 male puppies available now. We are asking $3500 each. My number is 615-506-4050 I am Jennifer New call any time. Thank you and have a beautiful day Scott! :)Jen


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