Hi! I’m Jennifer And We Are New O’Hana Farm, TN English Bulldogs

Just thought we could start doing a few videos to give everyone an idea of how we care for and play with our first litter of English Bulldogs :)Jen

Published by New O'Hana Farm TN

Hello and welcome to New O'Hana Farm TN. We are located in central Tennesee, in a beautiful valley east of Nashville. This farm has been a dream for us, and we are proud to share it with all of our family and friends. Come along and join in on the events, the opportunities, and the fun on our farm!

2 thoughts on “Hi! I’m Jennifer And We Are New O’Hana Farm, TN English Bulldogs

  1. Beautiful pups. Welcome to the area. I am in Signal Mountain. Not sure how far from you. How often do you have pups and what do they cost?


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    1. When I was 6 years old we moved to Chattanooga TN and I remember going with my parents to Signal Mountain. My dad passed away last June of cancer, but I thought of a funny thing he did, well not funny to us, but he walked over to an area and acted like he had fallen off the mountain. There was a rock landing not far down that he jumped on. He told that story so many times as I grew up and to my kids, but he did say he hadn’t thought it through. It was hard to climb back up! We live in Watertown, TN probably about 2 hours from you! I would love a few photos of the mountain area! This is our first litter and this has been a 24/7 awesome and tiring adventure for me, but I am in love with these babies. We will have another litter next year. We have 4 male puppies available now. We are asking $3500 each. My number is 615-506-4050 I am Jennifer New call any time. Thank you and have a beautiful day Scott! :)Jen


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