An English Bulldog Explorer

An English Bulldog Explorer named Liley is out in the wild jungle (the yard) among treacherous rock formations with tall dog eating plants (flower garden) lurking all about! “What’s that rolling around down in the valley?” She fears the worst! Two Beasts have a human and are demanding treats (showering the human with slobbery kisses)!…

Time To Spoil Our Pups

This is the time to spoil our pups, August 10. But every single day for us here on New O’Hana Farm, TN is a precious time to spoil our pups! TURN this video UP and listen to these girls snoring! I guarantee y’all will be laughing and you can’t help but smile. Nap time happens…

Showing Off

Her Baby Bulldog Daisy Gentle Lee is a sweet obedient strong smart and loving English Bulldog! She loves her precious little girl, Liley Jean and she loves showing her off! Daisy is ever patient and gentle with Liley. Xo This makes for a great addition to our family! Liley Jean is a quick learner, affectionate…

Cute Dog Photos

Honey Buns Look at these little cute bottoms! Their Honey Buns are adorable! We moved the big couch to the back window. Oreo, Daisy and Liley love to stand here and look for squirrels 🙂 Paws and Kisses from all of us here in beautiful Watertown, Tennessee on New O’Hana Farm, TN

Why You Want An English Bulldog

New O’Hana Farm TN English Bulldogs:Why You Want An English Bulldog, Loyal Loving Protective Smart How to Care For Your English Bulldog and English Bulldog Puppies May, 2023