English Bulldogs can not do extreme weather. For potty breaks today here in Watertown, Tennessee we are headed for more shady areas. Our temperature Wednesday August 3, 2022 at 12:20 is 91 Degrees and feels like 103 Degrees. The sky is clear of clouds which makes the sun’s rays able to reach our bodies quicker.Continue reading

Liley An English Bulldog

HER TREASURE OF THE DAY Today Liley, our 3 month old english bulldog found an old black walnut that a squirrel or maybe a raccoon brought down from our woods. To everyone that owns a puppy, you know how adorable it is to watch them look around for a special place to hide some item.Continue reading “Liley An English Bulldog”

Did We Take A Break From Puppies?

NO! We are Just Getting Started! Woohoo!!! We are having meetings, making lists, and getting organized for future little precious wiggly softer and cuter than anything babies! The white board is being used as we redesign their nursery. Yes, we SPOIL Our Pups and Puppies Rotten πŸ™‚ Posts of our experiences in: Daily Complete CareContinue reading “Did We Take A Break From Puppies?”

PUPPY WOOING:Look at Mickey’s Special and Gentle Love He Gives

an english bulldog has never ending love


We live in the beautiful country side of Watertown, Tennessee! Our weather today was IDEAL. A nice steady stronger breeze and cooler temperatures. Perfect weather for taking two boy puppies outside to run and play off some energy! Here are Mickey and Groot! The right families are out there somewhere for these very precious andContinue reading “ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPPIES:CUTE PICS”