New O’Hana Farm:English Bulldog

The Farm and a pup named daisy

oh what a gorgeous place, my farm

but my nose is trying to smell everything beyond

the fence prevents me from figuring out what is in the air, over there

if I could just send my nose ahead it could smell everywhere

push down through the soft ground

and root all around

Hello from Watertown, TN! Daisy Gentle Lee here 🙂

I am a purebred AKC registered English Bulldog. I am almost 3 years old! My wrinkly puppies will arrive April 27, 2022! My sister, Oreo is a Blue Heeler/ Collie and looks nothing like me. She tries her best to engage me in play by bringing me a toy. The babies are growing so I am napping more and even letting Oreo play more with my favorite toys. Kind of LOL I keep an eye on her as you can see in the photo of Oreo with my pineapple toy! 🙂

Between meals momma gives Oreo and me mozzarella bites or peanut butter on a half non-sugared graham cracker. Yesterday her and I made homemade dog treats with whole wheat flour, water, eggs, and peanut butter. We used our medium size dog bone shape and paw print cookie cutters.

I love a cozy spot to nap in the sun. Who doesn’t? They say I snore, but that just can’t be.

Mine and my sister’s basket holds plenty of chew toys. Bouncy balls that squeak are some of my favorites, but they end up under the couches or chairs. If I lay on the floor and look up at Daddy he can’t refuse my big sweet eyes. He retrieves my toy, even if I go to clumsily get it and it rolls under there again! Kong toys are so durable, but I do my best to chew and chew and chew them daily.

My bark and growl can be a strong warning to other animals that wander by past the fence. But usually I have an adorable whine and playful light bark. At 55 pounds of lean muscle and maturing strength, I have become a protective member of the family. My speed is incredible. My soft ears bounce in a cute fashion when I run.

For anyone that does not know much about my temperament, I am very gentle. I absolutely love children, and would protect them no matter what. I have learned not to jump up on little one’s or the elderly. My mouth is huge, but I have never bitten anyone. If offered a toy, I wait till they throw it or place it before me. I would feel so bad if my teeth hurt someone. Like I said, I love children. If I even hear kids playing on the tv, I stop to listen to their sweet voices. My paws are huge and I have a strong chest. The kids love to rub my belly and I love to gently lay a paw on their leg and enjoy the attention.

My tail is so short, but if you pay special attention, you will see it wag. My sister’s tail is so long, that she can wag her tail and chase it around.

My coat is very short and white, with black polka-dots. To my momma’s delight more polka-dots kept appearing as I grew up. They are all over and even on my soft ears that she caresses each day. We do have plenty of play time together, but we also have time to sit and snuggle. Momma calls me her snuggle buggle.

Cold weather and hot weather can affect me like they do a human. There is a limit to how long I can be outside. I can even get a sunburn! There are plenty of water bowls outside and inside so Oreo and I stay hydrated even in the winter. It seems my paws and my bum are being wiped too many times through the day. This is irritating to me, but momma never forgets to wipe me down every time I come in. Even though I don’t like to see the soapy towel or baby wipes when I come in the house, I love to go out a lot because I have a big fenced in farm to run and play 🙂

A lot of this you might already know about English Bulldogs! Have a beautiful day!

Paws and Kisses xo Love Daisy

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