Digging Under The Moss

A Family Search

This is a brand new genealogy search for a part of my dad’s family. He had a sweet aunt, sister to his daddy that married a man that was only home long enough to get her pregnant. This is a blunt way of saying what type of man he was, but this is a true story. They had several children, all who grew up just like him, taking from their momma. My grandpa used his temper by threatening his brother in law that if he ever came back, he would kill him. Grandpa went further to help his sister with extra food and help around her farm.

My dad fondly remembered being a young teenager living in Brownsburg, Indiana and piling into his cousins car for a roadtrip to New Orleans. It was a summer he never forgot and I wish he was here to tell of where he went and what he discovered.

My husband, myself, our oldest daughter and her husband went to NOLA February 9-13, 2023! Everywhere I stepped, I couldn’t help wonder if my dad had been right there running around where I was walking.

I do a lot of family research and writing about family life. The book I am working on right now is titled DONNA JEAN. This is about my mom and her mentally and physically abusive life she endured for almost 20 years from her mother. Look for snatches of her life on my writing and reading site http://jennifernewwritesandreads.com You can find the link also at the top of this site! But, back to digging under the moss…

I have done a little back research on our family that lived in New Orleans, but am searching for all the family roots and all the limbs that extended before and after from my dad’s sweet aunt. What was their lives about? How did their characters develop? Are they buried there and is family still in NOLA?

Lots of questions and work! Wish I required little sleep 🙂 making more hours for my day! From all of us here in beautiful Watertown, Tennessee on New O’Hana Farm, TN have a wonderful day!

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