A few weeks back we packed up for a ‘first in a long time trip’ as a couple. One of my previous posts https://newohanafarmtn.com/2022/07/18/a-brief-post-on-how-my-life-changed-dramatically/ helps to explain why I didn’t and wasn’t able to travel far.

We were headed to beautiful Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, but our first resting spot was over 1 hour from our home. My husband picked BUC-EE’S at 2045 Genesis Road in Crossville, Tennessee for a FUN SPOT to get gas and to walk around the store. We would see how my body was taking the travel so far.

OH MY GOODNESS ALL Y’ALL!!!! I want to go back soon LOL I had the best time! Here are photos of the gas pumps. Get that gas pumped and go shopping! 🙂

Here’s The Fun Part! Shopping and Eating

We raise AKC English Bulldogs ❤ We have two beautiful Bully girls and a beautiful Blue Heeler/Collie so I really enjoyed looking at the big area set aside for treats and decorations that show our pride for our pups! I looked at all the Clothes, in particular outfits that had dogs on them. I bought a giant iron skillet to fry chicken in for our very large family. Halloween items, but I had to ‘Just Walk Away’ because I have a garage full of Halloween Decorations. 🙂 WHOLE Cases full of Jerky and HUGE Areas where they made different Burritos. We were there for breakfast. We ordered a Brisket Burrito and a Brisket with Scrambled Egg Burrito. Oh Yum-E ;)’ What a fun stop. Enjoy the photos and have a great day! Paws & Kisses from all of us here on New O’Hana Farm, TN in beautiful Watertown, Tennessee

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Hello and welcome to New O'Hana Farm TN. We are located in central Tennesee, in a beautiful valley east of Nashville. This farm has been a dream for us, and we are proud to share it with all of our family and friends. Come along and join in on the events, the opportunities, and the fun on our farm!

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