Writing Light Through The Willow

The Vision and the obstacles

Creative writing-novels-poems

After my accident, my brain and body went to a different place for a long time. Family and friends took care of and checked on me continually. But, everyone has to work and take care of their own life. This meant I sat staring and sleeping for HOURS.

During these hours, a vision of people in silhouette and their faces stayed close by. From these faces, a story began to form. My husband brought home pink (my favorite color) index cards for me to write out my early book ideas. Not able to move my neck or look at movement made reading my writing later quiet difficult! You can laugh! I learned to hold up the cards at eye level and slowly jot down names of characters, their timeline, and personalities.

Not only did I write out chapters for LIGHT THROUGH THE WILLOW, time allowed for me to continue working on my poetry and a true life story for my mom of survival in her abusive childhood.

My vision is strong for each idea, but my obstacles seem like giants. Never have I taken a writing course, nor have I written many poems. The strategy is to do my very best and begin presenting parts of my work in a post. Opening up and showing my creative side makes me extremely nervous, but I know it is right. :)Jen

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