Walking Among the memories

My daddy passed away June 13, 2021, of liver cancer. He wanted to be at home with family, and except for one night in the hospital, he was able to have the comfort of our love, prayers, and concern. He was such a kind and caring man, and always had this amazing way of making each person he met feel special. I like to say, “He never met a stranger!”, and he didn’t. Wherever we went, when I was a kid and even as an adult, all kinds of people knew my dad. We moved around a lot because my dad was a Baptist Minister and he and my mom went to churches to help them through church splits, regrowth in the Lord, and to grow in number. But, in all the states we lived, hundreds of people knew and loved him.

He worked every single day for 50 years to led people to the Lord. He also, every day, studied the bible and wrote out the sermons the Lord gave him. He knew so many bible verses that I do believe he had the entire bible memorized. He had yellow lined paper that was his favorite to write on. I can still picture him sitting at his desk, pen in hand.

He had funny stories of his younger years and would tell them to us all the time, and even though we knew what was going to happen next, he still had us laughing so hard. His laugh was booming and I miss it. I miss him, and I look forward to being with him in heaven one day. But, for now, I will just keep lovingly walking among the wonderful memories I have of my daddy and how proud I am of him. :)Jen

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  1. Andi says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss! I just lost my dad on March 29th. I know the pain. I still don’t think I’ve fully grasped that he is gone. My thoughts are with you. 💕

    1. Gary New says:

      I am so very sorry 🙁 I am just so thankful he is not suffering, then I do wonder, one day, will I, yes, fully grasp he is not here. My thoughts are with you also :)Jen <3

      1. Andi says:


  2. KDKH says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. How wonderful to have such a loving man as your father!

    1. Gary New says:

      Thank you so much! :)Jen

  3. Beverley says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. May the Lord comfort you in these trying times. Your Dad was a good man.

    1. Gary New says:

      Thank you very much!

      1. Beverley says:

        You are welcome

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