Small Part of Farm Life

Every morning the ducks and chickens come out to search for bugs in their big fenced yard. The ducks have just recently wanted to go in for the night. It might be there is this fox that went on a murdering rampage next door. Or that we throw fresh vegetable odds and ends on the ground at feeding time for the chickens. Either way, we just enjoy knowing they are safe locked up for the night. We also get a good laugh at the ducks when we start walking out our door. They start quacking and “herding up” the chickens in to a line to head them in to eat.

Our goats have been separated a couple of months ago. The kids are in the pasture closest to the house. The youngest is named Chip. He looks like a skinny baby cow, all large black and white spotted. He makes our hearts squeeze extra each day because he makes certain to almost thank us for feeding and loving all of them. While all of the kids are eating, he breaks away to go to the fence and loudly get our attention. He gets his nose rubbed, looks you in the eyes, then goes back almost skipping to return to eating.

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