Through The Door

Through the door, I see him, the young Red Cardinal, looking at me. He is perched among the limbs of our Mulberry tree. Red so bright against the stem, he appears almost pink. Feathery brilliant pink., I think.

In the big Oak tree, the Blue Jay sits, on a high limb, looking through the door. His sharp eyes seem to judge if I pose them any harm. Will I rush though the door? This act will scatter the Blue Jays family all around. Just then, he flies right over their heads. They swoop from the ground, taking heed to the Blue Jay’s hushed alarm.

The Red Squirrel has a daily routine, you see. Morning and late afternoon, he has a pattern with me. My nose leaves smudges on the glass as the Red Squirrel lets out rude laughs. The Red Squirrel makes sure he is seen through the door before I whirl my furry body out. This makes the chasing game much more exciting.I am lightning fast, but I can not climb a tree. Just the same, this is a great advantage for both of us, thinks the Red Squirrel. Indeed.

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