Small Farm Wedding Anniversary Party

Last year we had a Small Farm Wedding Anniversary Party for my parents! They celebrated 57 Years!

The very first thing I say when I see these photos is, “I am proud of my parents. I am proud of them for weathering through the good times, the great times, but also the rough times in their lifetime together!”

My husband and I gave mom and dad a very special day at home. We wanted them to be able to look out at the Beautiful Autumn Foliage. Listen to soft music, hear us working together in the kitchen. To feel our love for them as we ate, laughing and talking.

We decorated with Fall Leaves, Pumpkins, Candles, and Special Dishes passed down through the times from family and their wedding presents. We gave them a delicious and enticing Fondue Party! More than anything in the world, we wanted them to know they mean the world to us and we are very thankful for them. 57 Years Married to your best friend is Definitely worth telling everyone about!

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