Jennifer J. New

Author of The Death Owl

This is me, JENNIFER J. NEW and I am trying to learn how to Edit with Elementor, but as I have heard I am either an old dinosaur, or an old dog and you can not teach me new tricks! I Do NOT believe that and encourage women to be strong, courageous, and fearless in any adventure they set out to achieve!

We live on our farm New O’Hana Farm, TN in beautiful Watertown, Tennessee. We are about 40 miles east of Nashville. This site is for sharing our love for raising AKC English Bulldogs, for repairing and enjoying our 11 acre farm, and our love for the Lord and our family. and are my two websites that I am learning to LOVE! Giving them their own personal touches by making them unique but connected in my own creative way.

Jennifer New Writes and Reads is my other site where you can see my poems and books I am working on! Plus Genealogy that I could work on every day, all day long!!

My first book, The Death Owl is available on Amazon for Kindle and to purchase!!

My new book I am currently working on is Donna Jean, about my sweet mom and her abusive life as a child. This is an emotional book to work on with my her, but we hope you find it encouraging.

I am several chapters into Light Through The Willows. A book I began writing after being hit by a text driver. I am blessed to be alive and know that my mind will always be healing from damage. Incredible ideas began forming when I could not even do a simple task like wash my own coffee pot, let alone stand at the sink.

Keep your dreams alive! Find Joy and Hope and Strength!! Enjoy where you are and continue growing in all you do! Blessings, :)Jen

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