A Goat Farm, A Family Reunion Feeling, & A Great Experience All Around

(We did not photograph this farm of Goats because the Owners do not openly provide photos or an address of their farm)

This Great Experience All Around was due to the Owners and their willingness to share their knowledge. We felt as if we had attended our first class on HOW TO RAISE GOATS and we want to learn more. The family of Goats (called a Tribe or Trip) really made us feel at ease and comfortable that our grandchildren will be safe with them and love helping take care of them.

Baby Goats just have to be the cutest thing! They just melt your heart when you see them playing. I want to record the sound they make when they follow Momma around wanting more milk. They race around in these perfect miniature bodies of what they will look like as they grow to maturity.

Sunday, we visited a Goat Farm in Lebanon, TN. We have talked about raising Goats, and wanted to make sure having them was still a desire after spending time with them. Yes! We fell in love.

Who couldn’t love visiting them? But, would we want to raise them? Be in charge of their health, shots, deworming? Cost of feed, Goat fencing, and security? Aiding in birthing if needed? Quality time with them, and equipment for them to climb on? Plus, chewing and escaping issues? Not to mention, selling some of them as needed.

When we arrived, the owner was absolutely amazing. Patient with all of our questions, and we could really see that she loved her family of Goats. In the barn, there were four Doe or Nannies, (Momma Goats) with their babies. The Kids, (Baby Goats) were everywhere, just as adorable as watching playful young pups. The one Buck (Daddy Goat) was with the Doe and their one Kid. It is more common, we have heard, that the Doe will have Twins or Triplets!

I was nervous around the Buck, but he was gentle and really just enjoying being in the stall with his Doe and Kid. The other Goats were out in fenced enclosures. One Buck outside, was a Myotonic, fainting goat. He seemed happy and wanted attention, no fainting spells!

You would have thought we were at a Family Reunion! The Goats in the stalls all came up to us, and I could almost imagine them introducing themselves and their Kids! 🙂

We were allowed to pick up the babies, and did I love it??? Oh, I loved snuggling the Kids! We were so welcomed by the Goats in the barn and outside, that we left feeling very satisfied that we were making a good decision wanting to raise them. We still held hands and prayed, but we do think you will be seeing photos of our Goats here on New O’Hana Farm, TN soon!

P.S. We might even have two that need to be bottled fed! Who wants to help?? :)Jen

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