National Love Your Pet Day 02/20/20 XOXOXOXO

P.S. We All Love You, Oreo

Please scroll down to the very last photo! Oreo is our Blue Heeler/Collie Mix. She was adopted a few days after we brought her sister, Daisy, our English Bulldog home. Oreo is the pup that brought her sister, Daisy, out of her shell. She has taught her to play with her toys and actually put them back in the basket! She is always aware of their surroundings when they go outside. She is the Protector. She barks and is on alert if another animal is prowling around. Today, Oreo went to the Vet to be spayed! She was so brave, giving us kisses, then marching back to be weighed, and not looking back. To be honest, we miss her terribly. All three of us! Daisy, Mommy, & Daddy, but Oreo is so smart. She knows she will return home to take care of, watch over, and play with her family that loves her very much. ❤

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