Hens & The Rooster Crows-Honk Goes the Goose & The Duck Quacks-The Humans Pray

From day one, when our day old chickens arrived, we were in love! We went from totes filled with tiny little soft fluffs, to now enjoying walking among them in the chicken coop.

The ducks and geese were in bigger totes, and then on to the Nursery to grow from downy softness to feathers.

Every morning, every night, we are feeding and watering all our fowl. We also enjoy hearing their sweet sounds as we work on our gardens. Sweet feathery JOY added in to our daily life. They bring a definite calm and I find myself relaxing. All our feathered fowl make me laugh and soothe my mind. Hearing soft coos from the chickens, honks from the geese, and quacks from the ducks, are welcome.

This morning was AWESOME!!! My husband and I heard our first Rooster Crow! He was one that I call Blondie because I am not sure if it is a Plymouth Rock or Buff Orpington. He sounded like a Squeaky Toy that had been played with too much!!! We were very proud! Like Proud Parents 🙂 By the way, I just had to write this down in my Planner 🙂

The Chicken Coop is one of the many places here on the farm that I pray to the Lord. My Prayers continue as I Thank HIM for all our many Blessings. Not just the farm, the animals, and family and friends (They are Our Everything and We Cherish them) but also our world and what is happening. We pray daily and nightly for healing for the sick and the hatred. For World Peace and Happiness and Laughter!

Our children and grandchildren never tire of taking care of all the animals. Just like humans have their disagreements, once in awhile, one of them gets a feather out of joint. They all work through the squabble and regroup at the small pools or waddle off to nibble on grass. This makes me laugh out loud, and wonder what they were saying?

Wouldn’t it be nice if our world was like this? Have a squabble, decide to regroup, and meet together to feast, all of us laughing and content?! Please stay in deep prayer continually for a healing of the body, soul, and mind of everyone affected by sickness and hatred. Find your own sanctuary in which to be calmed and say your prayers. Get some chickens of your own. Our Chicken Coop is Lovely, but I still enjoying seeing other people’s creative ways of housing all their fowl.

Have a Blessed, Happy, Positive Day Y’All, from all of us here on New O’Hana Farm, TN :)Jen

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