We Find Cool Things

Each day is Precious, and a Beautiful Gift from the Lord! May these photos reach you, my Amazing Grandbabies, Children, Family, and Friends, Warming Your Heart and Encouraging you to Explore this Earth with each other and Share what you find!

The wings of the Cicada remind me of stained glass. In this first photo, (which I might have shared already) I have a difficult time looking away from them. They are said to help them repel water and dirt!

The next photo, if I am correct, is a Red-Headed Woodpecker. If I had not personally taken this photo. I would have thought someone had put a ceramic bird out by my bird bath. πŸ™‚

The Red-Headed Woodpecker is a medium size and the only Woodpecker with a completely red head. I assume he loves our woods, making a nest in the dead tree we have on the edge. He just flew over to check me out sitting by the window. He might have found some tasty insects and flew them back to his home.

There is JOY in taking these photos and even more JOY sharing them with you! Have a beautiful day exploring!! :)Jen

Standing Where They Were-Are-And to What Brings Us to the End-Then Back Again

(If you do not understand the title, please read all the way through) I could apologize for all the photos of my blessings, but once you read my words, I know you will only be picturing all your memories. Your family, friends, and blessings.

The soothing sounds of The Piano Guys Radio on SiriusXM, I glanced over to photos on my computer waiting for me to share. The faces of family made me proud, squeezed my heart and filled it with JOY!

All of them, this, all of you, Blessings.

Precious family has walked these grounds, Granny stood here in our kitchen making a Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Pappy sat, praying, his hand on the carved cross outside.

This is where our children walk, working hard on our farm.

Here is where our children play, learning to feed the animals, sweet little voices. Their laughter floating in the air. (I hope it never disappears) I wish to bottle it and listen, every day, to their play. :)Jen

Below is the walking path my husband is working hard on each night after a full day of work in Nashville, TN. We have held hands many times walking the dream of that invisible path, and now it is becoming more than a vision. Not only this path that will circle our whole farm for all to enjoy, but our whole life is our path to enjoy walking together.

Which brings me to this, the end of these photos, but not to the memories and more to make! Always be happy to see one another. Take time to talk in person or on the phone. We need to hear each other’s voices. We need to share not only our day, but our interests, our clever, funny ways, our talents, what makes us laugh and cry, which builds memories. Not only on holidays, but day to day. Reach out to someone. Learn from them, and they will learn from you. :)Jen