Baby Face

Puppy Love Just showing off our girls! Proud of these sweethearts XoXoXo

Nostalgia:April 27,2022

Puppy love! Paws AND Kisses Even though the hours awake have stretched almost forever, and I have been told “You will never get back those hours of sleep. Period.” I will do this all over again! I LOVE raising these babies in Watertown, Tennessee!!! XoXoXo :)Jen

Puppy Amusement Park

Here At New O’Hana Farm, TN We Decided To Try Something New With Our 8 week Old English bulldog puppies! Their Second Play Area Is In Our Family Room. We Have Constructed Some Ramps And Crates To Hide In And Around. There Is a Rolling Cart They Can Climb To a Couple Of Levels. They…