don’t text and drive my whole life changed in under 30 seconds There is a post or two of my accident from 2018 but I struggle a lot getting it out of my mind. I have wanted to write it out and get past everything! At times I feel I need help climbing up fromContinue reading “A BRIEF POST ON HOW MY LIFE CHANGED DRAMATICALLY”

Little Baby To Big Baby:A Sweet Story To Share

A Huge WooHoo to Slinky Dog and Mickey! WOOHOO!!! These brothers are 5 weeks old this past Wednesday. They are a sweet pair and have a sweet story worth sharing. As you might notice, Mickey is a big boy, and then there is Slinky Dog. He is much smaller and has just mastered using hisContinue reading “Little Baby To Big Baby:A Sweet Story To Share”

Springtime on the farm=Magic

One cannot walk far on New O’Hana Farm without seeing the unfolding of Spring around every corner. We have been blessed to have several planting areas and pots bursting with new growth and colors of Spring! Praying you are enjoying this time of year and are finding areas to grow your happiness. Psalm 1:3 ThatContinue reading “Springtime on the farm=Magic”

Tilling Our Expanded Garden

Our 2 Helpers in the Garden tonight are our dogs Daisy and Oreo in the photo at the end of the gallery. Or should I say Our 5 Helpers. Daisy, our English Bulldog is pregnant with at least 3 puppies we saw on her ultrasound!!!) Daisy and Oreo love to be with us every timeContinue reading “Tilling Our Expanded Garden”

Our English bulldog and her morning routine

Our English Bulldog, Daisy, Loves Her Beauty Sleep 🙂 It takes a couple of times to get her out of her warm blankie! Sleeping so good. (My photo I am on, is a rug not my nighttime bed) English Bulldogs do well on a well padded bed. I am spoiled with a Foam Bed Mattress.Continue reading “Our English bulldog and her morning routine”