Who Wants Take-Out? No One’s Counting Duck.

“Who wants a Duck Supper?” asks Mr Weasel. His little family all seated around their cedar stump table, bibs on, fork and knife, up. Dancing in their seats, they lick their lips. Leaving the woods, merrily, Mr. Weasel skips through the tall field grass. Arriving at New O’Hana Farm, he easily slips under the fence. Tiptoeing past the giant geese, he sees the duck, selecting his prey. Back under the fence, he smells bigger predators slinking about. Careful to carry his families take-out for the night, he makes it home without even dropping a feather. Or, so he believes!

Every morning as the sun is rising brilliantly over the small mountains, we are feeding and watering our goats, dogs, and fowl that include geese, ducks, and chickens.

Photos of our Chicken Coop have shown that we have fences, locks, netting above their heads, and tree trunks along the bottom of the actual Chicken House.

To the side, and attached to The Chicken Coop, is a large yard where our geese and ducks live. On the North side, is a regular fence with logs and metal siding is secured with extra fencing and metal large staples to hold everything in and try to discourage coyote, weasels, possums, and raccoons to stay out. We have large, old, trees that run the fence on the west side, so some of the animals I listed can climb easily over.

Upon counting our ducks, and it was obvious before when even started counting them, we had lost one. Then another, and another. Each evening a thief would get under a couple of places in the fence, and have a Pekin Duck Supper. We thought something was coming over the fencing. To look around the yard, the small openings carved out by an animal were not obvious till we walked the grounds. Could it have been a weasel? Whatever it was, this varmint seems to work alone, taking a duck a night.

Fingers crossed and saying nightly prayers for protection, we have the same amount of ducks for a week now.

There will always be daily trials and tribulations. Knowing this, here are some pretty and fun photos. Positive and happy thoughts. May they fill your day! :)Jen

The Good Man

Not to be confused with The Good Wife, which I do not believe I have ever seen? Have you? I’m getting off track. My title is because I am bragging on my husband.

He does not like his photo on here, so sometimes you might see his arm or part of a person. He has a great smile and I find him so handsome, but he walks away from a camera. He is Patient and ever Kind. He is a True Blessing from above.

Our life changed awhile back, and we experience hardship, as do others. But through all the misery and pain, there was this man, my husband, who is my angel.

He recently started working from home, and he noticed my struggle on my older computer. I tried to work with Internet problems due to moving to the country, then my computer started to slow down to the point that I could not work on my stories, and poems. I could not put Photos to my WordPress Sites. That feeling of poor me, and grouchiness set in.

Little did I know, but a surprise was on the way. Yesterday, a new computer arrived! I had to wait for the two computers to communicate, as they transferred my information from the old computer to the new. I found this exciting! Ok, Really Cool. πŸ™‚

As the day progressed, he noticed dark circles under my eyes. He became concerned, and I told him I was suffering from a sinus headache. Before I could think, he had my blanket, pillow, and I was on the couch with the Kong Movie going. He made Supper, and he praised me for going to bed early.

He makes me smile and laugh every single day. I am so proud of him and hope that I always take great care of him. I am Proud of him. I am Happy to be married to my best friend. A Christian man who loves the Lord, and loves his life.

This is just a few special qualities to list of a man who is always consistently sweet-

  • Always Positive-Think on this. He is not Negative, and Positive is always present. Negativity does not enter, never having a chance, instead Positivity blossoms.
  • Praises me Daily-He lists my Strong Qualities. He is my Cheerleader
  • Daily Bible Reading-Very Simple. We both have the bible.com app on our phone and our computers. We share what we think of the verse, and if we are struggling, we read the whole chapter.
  • He Stays in Contact with our Children-Several times a week he checks on his children and encourages them and tells them he loves them.
  • He Works Hard Daily at his Job-No Sick Days, He just gets up and does his work thoroughly.
  • He Works Hard Daily on Our Farm-No Sick Days Allowed! LOL Rain, Snow, Cold, Hot, he is taking care of the animals.
  • He is Very Giving-He loves to Surprise me with gifts and his family also.
  • He is very Organized-Lists and new Ideas are always flowing
  • He always kisses me goodnight and says a prayer for our whole family and friends.
  • He loves to hold hands. Tells me he loves me.To talk of our future. To spend time with me.

Because of him, I am extremely spoiled. And, I just wanted to brag on him.

Do you do special things for your family and friends? What might someone list as your attributes, your character, and your blessings?