Playing Outside on Our Walk

Our evening walks have been as of late, interrupted by Daisy and Oreo having far too much fun!! The goal is to walk 1-mile an evening while the sun is setting. It sounds easy, until the girls decide to make it play time. The spring flowers blooming in the grass were a wonderful bed toContinue reading “Playing Outside on Our Walk”

English Bulldog Puppies Ultrasound:Guessing Game

Counting puppies How many puppies will Daisy have? One of our granddaughters who is 5 years old came up with the idea for everyone to guess the amount of puppies in Daisy’s belly. She said she will have 2 puppies, a boy and a girl! We have people guessing and it will be exciting toContinue reading “English Bulldog Puppies Ultrasound:Guessing Game”

On This Farm:New O’Hana Farm, TN We Eat!

Food and Recipes We Share With Family and Friends! We throw Themed Parties for Birthdays, Holidays, and we create Disney and Movie Parties 🙂 What a Blessed enriching time with everyone to cherish. Memories are precious! Spend with pennies/Great Depression Cooking/Julia child/Jacques Pepin/Spain on a fork/Simply Mama Cooks When looking for a great recipe IContinue reading “On This Farm:New O’Hana Farm, TN We Eat!”


We had been putting Christmas away, moving furniture around, and cleaning as we went. This chair is a nice blue plaid, but my husband likes this throw on it. Since he has done this, the chair is off limits to pups. When this chair was moved front and center, Daisy assumed this was for herContinue reading “OUR ENGLISH BULLDOG:The Favorite Chair”