Through The Door

Through the door, I see him, the young Red Cardinal, looking at me. He is perched among the limbs of our Mulberry tree. Red so bright against the stem, he appears almost pink. Feathery brilliant pink., I think.

In the big Oak tree, the Blue Jay sits, on a high limb, looking through the door. His sharp eyes seem to judge if I pose them any harm. Will I rush though the door? This act will scatter the Blue Jays family all around. Just then, he flies right over their heads. They swoop from the ground, taking heed to the Blue Jay’s hushed alarm.

The Red Squirrel has a daily routine, you see. Morning and late afternoon, he has a pattern with me. My nose leaves smudges on the glass as the Red Squirrel lets out rude laughs. The Red Squirrel makes sure he is seen through the door before I whirl my furry body out. This makes the chasing game much more exciting.I am lightning fast, but I can not climb a tree. Just the same, this is a great advantage for both of us, thinks the Red Squirrel. Indeed.

On New O’Hana Farm TN, I Spy Spider Webs!

When I was a little girl, the book Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White, was intriguing in that Charlotte worked very hard on her web. She was feeding herself to keep up her strength for her Spider Sac full of hundreds of babies. But, she unselfishly helped Wilbur, the pig, become famous so he would win awards and not be eaten. Since then, these Beautiful Webs have caught my eye when the morning dew is glistening from the sun rising and shining through this Elegant Trap.

Hanging on a thread, from her Spinnerets, to the Abdomen, then to her Silk Glands, the female spider can produce different kinds of Silk to use to trap prey. The spider works diligently to repair her web each day, or completely rebuild. Insects can come flying in at high speeds, thrashing and tearing the silk.

When I go outside, I look all around for something to share with my kids and grandkids. This site showed a few drawings of webs, and descriptions.

I recommend taking photos of webs you find and have fun looking them up. Spiders, Arachnids, also Ticks, Mites, Scorpions, Harvestmen….. Arthropods, and the webs they make are quite extraordinary! Look at this!-

A Funnel Web perhaps. From the Spider Family Agelenidae, the Funnel Weaving Spider. This web is in our barn, low to the ground, at the entrance to our Hay Bales. Maybe a Grass Spider lives in there, racing out to deliver a venomous bite to it’s prey, and drag it back in to it’s home for a Tasty Spider Meal!

Type in-how many spiders are there in the world! Over 45,000 known species in the World! Enjoy Nature :)Jen

Winter’s Mild

Say, “Winter is Mild!”, with your Fingers Crossed. We have had a few cold days and a splatter of snow before this promising new year, 2020. A lot of rain has been arriving, of course, but this gives us ideas for saving this blessing to help water our gardens and animals. Anxious to till our new garden plots. And, our gardens of flowers, I pray they look like a dreamworld.

Can’t wait to order new little chicks, and watch them grow. See pools of water for our ducks scattered about. A donkey named Eeyore and a pyrenees with a warrior name walking with purpose in the field.

Trail cam’s are in our woods, to see what we see. Squirrel loves to show off. The sneaky fox walks by, looking right at the camera! Ms. Doe and Mr. Buck were back and forth several times. The Too Late Coyotes rushed by. A cute little animal that looked like a hedgehog, and a playful rabbit. The neighbor’s large farm dogs racing around to get a nose full of smells.

Riding out to check our trail camera’s Christmas night!

We also had two times when our faces held a question. That looked like a wolf, and who are those two people walking by?

There are a lot of broken old windows, watering tubs, bricks, and piles of mess. Things that need to be repurposed or hauled off.

But, what fun when the woods hold laughter and imagination! The grandkids creating a fantasy world of giants and pirates and fairies. Standing among the tall trees when the stars are peeking out. Discovering the home of rabbit. Little creatures hurriedly scurrying about. Swinging in the wooden swing. Collecting treasures in a bag, or reading a book, enjoying nature growing all about!

With my fingers crossed, I hope winter will stay mild because I am truly enjoying wandering about in my muddy shoes. Spying little flowers green stems appearing, seeing the deer prints around the oak trees, and waiting for spring.