Repurposing An Outbuilding Into A MicroGreens New Home

On the farm, this building was once used by the previous owner to dry peppers, and prepare vegetables for canning and store them next door in the root cellar. (The Root Cellar is in Great Need of Repair, as are the other Buildings)
My husband is working so hard! Full time at work, then evenings and weekends on the farm. Painting, assembling shelves, installing a sink, and lights for the MicroGreen building.
I always wanted to learn to redo homes and I am learning a lot from him. He patiently shows me what he is doing when building extra shelving and counter tops.
Multitasking while we work! Roller-Paint Brush-And lots of fun talking and laughing together!! And, this little heater puts out enough heat to warm this building to a good level to dry the paint properly. My pink earmuffs help me to stay warm! πŸ™‚
This color is called Sprout Green. Even though we are starting a MicroGreen Business, not growing sprouts, the color of the paint and the name Sprouts Lab for this building is cool!

This color will look great with the black mats and black appliances! Still not a finished product but we are also busy putting fences in all around the farm. Our weekends are for working hard and loving every minute of it!


Walking around our new home, I noticed signs of plants trying to get my attention. I love to plant flowers in pots and have them outside during spring and summer.

Taking photos of each plant, I remembered our daughter had told me about an app you can have on your phone to help you identify them. I chose Plant Identification. Going through each plant and saving the results was fun, but I knew it would be nice to have help.

Tomorrow we will meet with our Horticulture Extension Agent. He is most excited to see the farm, discuss our plants, and Microgreen and Aquaponic plans for everything we want to grow and sell. Plans to talk to local Chefs, Restaurant Managers, Grocery Stores, People that have a daily life of smoothies, wraps, and salads. Promoting our New O’Hana Farm by bringing in samples of Sunflower, Arugula, Radish Sprouts, Pea Shoots…

I will have gardens that attract bees, butterflies, and wildlife. Herb and spices. Morning Glory. Clematis. Roses. Niche plants and fruits for our region that we will be excited to reveal.

Plus, our Charolais cows, goats, chickens, specialty ducks and peacocks. Our new English Bulldog, Daisy, and her sister, Blue Heeler, Oreo, our huge family and friends, we say thank you so much for praying for us and encouraging us to keep believing in our dreams :)Jen

First Things First

Meet with our Extension Agent. Being hard workers, we were tempted to go out and start repairing the barn an all of our outbuildings. We realized pretty quick we needed a plan. A list of things to do first.

We began learning everything we could about being a Microgreen and Aquaponics Farmer. Books from our local library and Google gave helpful information, illustrations and definitions. Youtube videos from Curtis Stone and Justin Rhodes were very helpful.

We want to be able to explain to someone what our farm will produce, how, and when.

We put ourselves through a crash course on Financial Analysis:

  • Income and Operating Expenses
  • Future Growth
  • Current Finances
  • Forecast Future

Marketing Strategy and Plan:

  • Microgreen
  • Aquaponics
  • Livestock
  • Social Media, Farmers’ Markets, Fairs, Website, Churches, Girl & Boy Scouts, Non-Profit Organizations
  • Use Videos & Website to grow value and awareness


  • My husband & I

Farm Strategy:

  • Microgreens & Aquaponics-How far out can we serve?
  • Livestock to raise & sell
  • We are hard working
  • Persistent
  • Faith in the Lord
  • Not shy to ask for guidance
  • Large Family & Friends support
  • Taxes
  • License

Putting time in to doing our very best, we will succeed. This home and farm is a blessing from the Lord up above. We will forever remember the family photos that were left at the house of the couple who started this farm. But that is a story for another time to gratefully share. Perhaps they sent that rainbow down from heaven that we saw when we first looked at the farm with our realtor :)Jen