Little Baby To Big Baby:A Sweet Story To Share

A Huge WooHoo to Slinky Dog and Mickey! WOOHOO!!! These brothers are 5 weeks old this past Wednesday. They are a sweet pair and have a sweet story worth sharing.

As you might notice, Mickey is a big boy, and then there is Slinky Dog. He is much smaller and has just mastered using his back legs. He could not by any means keep up with Mickey, but he did not let this hold him back. He pulled himself around with his front legs and being a momma of course I started worrying because us girls can’t worry enough!!! LOL isn’t that right?! πŸ™‚

Then Slinky Dog began to skate with his back legs! YAY! This whole time Mickey slept with Slinky Dog. Checked on Slinky Dog. And, let Slinky Dog nurse right beside him and as he used his front paws to bring forth more milk, Slinky Dog began to mimic his brother.

They are quite the pair and my prayer is these 2 gentle pups find their new homes, whether together or apart, that may they never forget each other! Paws and Kisses :)Jen

On This Farm:New O’Hana Farm, TN We Eat!

Food and Recipes We Share With Family and Friends! We throw Themed Parties for Birthdays, Holidays, and we create Disney and Movie Parties πŸ™‚ What a Blessed enriching time with everyone to cherish. Memories are precious!

Spend with pennies/Great Depression Cooking/Julia child/Jacques Pepin/Spain on a fork/Simply Mama Cooks

When looking for a great recipe I find if I can’t remember how my mom made a casserole, dessert, or snack I ask her. I’m super proud of my mom for teaching herself to bake and cook when she got married to my dad at the age of 19. My dad was raised on a farm and he was used to a table full of two different kinds of fresh meat vegetables and desserts all prepared by his mom who was an excellent cook.

When mom was four years old and as she was growing up she had to make her daddy’s eggs bacon and toast for breakfast. She also had to make his sandwich for work on weekends. Food and money was scarce and she was raised by older parents who had survived the depression.

Other than making food for her daddy on the weekends, she was not allowed to be cooking or baking in the kitchen. If a meal was ruined there was not money to buy more and you went to bed hungry.

If mom is busy I head to our book shelves full of her old recipe books:Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book-The American Woman’s Cook Book-Tried Recipes for the Bride-Homemade Bread-Economy In Cooking-Kitchen Guide

Another helpful source has been to GOOGLE IT! πŸ™‚ spend with pennies has been a favorite one of late for me as I seem to be rushing from one project to the next preparing for our English Bulldog puppies to arrive April 27, 2022!

Great Depression Cooking OH! My heart! Clara you are awesome. She caught my eye in the weekly magazine my husband brings me home. Woman’s World I just watched her on youtube this morning while she made Poorman’s Meal.

At night and on weekend mornings, my husband and I will sit and watch some very tasty meals being prepared on Youtube. I listed them above in the heading. Have a wonderful weekend :)Jen

Precious Memories Caught Forever

My husband used to laugh when I said my phone was acting up because he definitely knew there would be over 3000 photos of family, our farm animals, family, bugs, family, sunrises, family, our trees, family! Smile all of you who can relate! I love my family and I love capturing our precious times together!

This past year and this year held a sad moment when we found out my dad has liver cancer. His days are numbered, and we are now waking each day knowing we are blessed with another day with him, but my dad is ready to leave this world. He asked Jesus in to his heart when I was five years old, and he was 35. My dad and mom prayed together, serving the Lord as a pastoral family all these years. He is 83 years old and every day he asks if you have asked Jesus to come in to your heart. Are you saved? My dad is not embarrassed about his faith. In one of these photos, even though he did not feel well, and still had not been diagnosed, he put on makeup for Halloween and carefully made his way out to the back patio with my mom. So I may take a lot of photos, but I find a precious story in each one when I scroll back through them.

Last Halloween, 2020, my husband and I, decided to go all out with decorations and food! He spent time on the Halloween potion bottles and I loved seeing his cool and creative decorating ideas. Every part of our home and property had a decoration. Pumpkins were all over the front steps and the steps in our dining room. We wanted our home to be the place for our kids to bring our grandkids to eat, play, and trick-or-treat without having to go door to door. And, we wanted those very special memories to hold on to with our whole family and friends.

We are blessed every day with a new day. Even though these days lately are emotional and sad, we still have beautiful times to remember, cherish, and to make even more precious memories together. Amen!

First farm year full of beautiful times

Memories of our first year with family and friends on New O’Hana Farm, TN are playing a happy tune of Owl City When Can I See You Again? From Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph πŸ™‚ When can we do this again? The lyrics talk of learning to fly and leaving to explore, but wondering when we can gather together again.

To ALL 12 of our grandbabies, family, and friends! Welcome to the farm. VISIT STAY PLAY EXPLORE BUILD MEMORIES AND KNOW YOU ARE LOVED

Moving our belongings in to each room. Picking out new furniture. Painting one of our family rooms and the Green’s Lab. Clearing out the barn of the most straw bales I have ever been around. The fun of picking, buying, and raising our dogs, goats, and chickens. We have enjoyed exploring our woods and land several times during the day and night! Holidays, Birthdays, Weekends, Card Night, spent cooking and talking together, building memories with photos, sleepovers, bonfires, great food, and wonderful people!

For all our grandchildren and children, family and friends, thank you for all your hard work, love, and spending time with us! Happy Autumn!! Let’s finish this year with a lot more of the same! :)Jen