Finding Our Roots:A Genealogical Adventure

A GENEALOGY/FAMILY REUNION KENTUCKY TRIP I was Super Excited about a trip we took to work on our family trees. Our destination was Berea, Kentuckey and Somerset, Kentucky. Not only did we go on a really large Genealogical Adventure but we got to spend quality time with family we had not seen in awhile. PlusContinue reading “Finding Our Roots:A Genealogical Adventure”

New O’Hana Farm, TN Genealogy Research

~Genealogy~Family Tree~Ancestors~ This is an introduction to share what mysteriously and wonderfully fills a part of my mind and time besides writing a novel on my mom’s childhood, my fictional book Light Through The Willows, and four book sets of my poems. All of which will be presented in smaller form to promote and highlightContinue reading “New O’Hana Farm, TN Genealogy Research”