What’s The Buzz, BUZZ?!!

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR IS DEFINITELY GETTING ATTENTION He is wondering where you are!!!!! Will you be his new family?!! We CAN NOT WAIT to meet YOU! Whoever YOU ARE!!!!! Yay!

A Prayer From A Puppy

I AM GROOT is a little over 8 WEEKS OLD And in this photo I do believe he is in deep prayer as we are to see who his new family is going to be!!! This is Very Exciting! paws & kisses, love groot!

Nostalgia:April 27,2022

Puppy love! Paws AND Kisses Even though the hours awake have stretched almost forever, and I have been told “You will never get back those hours of sleep. Period.” I will do this all over again! I LOVE raising these babies in Watertown, Tennessee!!! XoXoXo :)Jen