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Snow Day Pups Will Play

Out of spite, Mother Nature Read my Post that we get so much rain, so she sent snow! At 1:30 a.m. I thought I heard a noise, or maybe I woke because the rain had finally stopped. Walking in to the family room, I… Continue Reading “Snow Day Pups Will Play”

What is Bulldog Daisy Doing?

Getting Her Beauty Rest!

Daisy the Bulldog’s Favorite Cold Treat

I’m Daisy the Bulldog. My favorite treat to get me to go outside this winter, is of all things, ice cubes! I love to hear someone go to the refrigerator, because that means I might get an icy treat. Not trying to be picky,… Continue Reading “Daisy the Bulldog’s Favorite Cold Treat”

Bulldog Daisy and A Tuesday Morning

Waking early on the farm, anyone up can enjoy the sun peeking up over the mountains. The grackle birds are on the feeders. Their thin, legs looking too long as they walk their feathered sheen bodies about. Old man winter worked hard through the… Continue Reading “Bulldog Daisy and A Tuesday Morning”