Traveling Home in A Tote

For The Love Of English Bulldog Puppies:Seven Precious Tiny Siblings

*Helpful Tip*While this small tote worked well to transport our English Bulldog Puppies home safely, we recommend placing them in a TALL SEE THROUGH TOTE for their Precious First Week.

We arrived home on New O’Hana Farm, TN and were met by Granny and Oreo! After a brief introduction, we were shown to our room. ๐Ÿ™‚

We began to eat our first meal from our momma, Daisy. She is a 1st Time Momma!!! While we ate, momma had special reassuring time with daddy that everything went wonderful and she had seven precious lil’ one’s.

These babies are a Blessing from the Lord! He formed them with His Hands. With His Hands He placed their spots, designing them each in their own unique way.

Psalms 115:15 May you be blessed of the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.

Paws & Kisses, Love Daisy and her puppies!

Daisy is an AKC Registered English Bulldog and her pups will be AKC Registered.

daisy lee

Daisy is as gentle as she can be!

Hi! I’m Daisy, the English Bulldog.

I will have Good News to share soon!! We will be making a trip to my Veterinarian next month. I can NOT WAIT to let ya’ll know when I will have my own little wrinkly babies!

I’m a Princess!

My home is on New O’Hana Farm with my Blue Heeler sissy, Oreo. We get plenty of fresh country air and sunshine. In the photos below, you can see, I love relaxing and catching some warm Fall rays in a big pile of leaves. Us girls work hard don’t we??? We have to make sure to take a little bit a time out of the day for ourselves. But I did enjoy “helping” my momma broom off the porch.

Sissy and I eat farm fresh scrambled eggs every morning, chase squirrels and bunnies, and take naps on the couch. She doesn’t even mind when I snore and lay all over her.

I love to snuggle and watch a mystery movie with Daddy and Momma. When the family visits with their kids, I’m all wiggly and happy. I haven’t met a stranger I didn’t like. Each day is all about giving family and friends all of my love.

Be looking for my BIG Announcement late next month.

Until then, Paws & Kisses, XoXo Love Daisy Gentle Lee