Watching Our Babies Grow

This Chicken Coop pictured here, has certainly seen a lot of hours of work clearing and repairing it for the young Chicks to stay safe from predators.

My husband and son-in-law working hard in their spare time on the weekends, getting the coop ready in time. Clearing debris, cutting down old trees, hauling out fallen tree and limbs, redoing the height so we can walk in to check on the chicks without stooping, placing net on top securely along with repairing any holes to keep predators out.

We are enjoying raising chicks, ducklings, and goslings from the days old stage. This whole experience has been a brand new adventure! At first we had the chicks in our Farm Office, but once we cleared a large outbuilding, they had a great home for safety, to grow their colorful feathers, and to stay safe and warm.

If you, or you and your family, are interested in raising feathery children, I can suggest a link. Becky is very down to earth, and you can learn from the ground up on how to build a chicken coop, and caring for the chicks as they mature.

This weekend our 8 week old chicks went from the nursery, on a very short ride, (across the lawn and garden plots) to their chicken coop. I love each one of them, and loved taking care of them daily and nightly. Before you think of purchasing them, make sure you know that you have to keep their bedding clean, provide warmth, and feed and water them daily.

Goslings and Ducklings are a bigger responsibility because they have to take a bite of food, then a drink of water. They are messy when their beaks or bills touch the water because they need this water to help them swallow their food. Let the splashing begin because they love to put their whole head and neck under!

If you show this photo to your little one’s, see if they can see the size difference in the goslings and ducklings!?!

We have 2 ducklings that need extra care and plenty of prayer! They are growing at a much slower rate and just can not keep up with their siblings.

Please pray for us πŸ™‚ We are slowly growing, and hope to be able to join our feathered family soon in the bigger nursery.

Chicks & A Root Cellar

We are a couple of weeks away from ordering our first ever Chicks!!!!!

We are both excited and nervous. Excited to hold them and hear their adorable sounds. Nervous, because we are the parents. We have to not only keep them warm, but safe from predators!

We had trespassers in the Root Cellar. It has sat “Vacant” of canned goods, but not of pests like squirrels and rats that built nests and hauled in tons of acorns.

We started sweeping out the debris, then we hosed down the whole building. We put cement on the holes that the pests chewed through in the ceiling and where the wall and ceiling met. Then installed installation to discourage anything from wanting free room and board! πŸ™‚ The big heavy door fell off it’s hinges and still needs repair. As you can tell, the Chick Nursery still needs TLC, and we can not wait to show them to you when they arrive! We are in the midst of cleaning and repairing the Chicken Coop for them to live in as they mature.

We have started gathering baby things! Heat Lamps-Waterer and Feeders…And A Small Funny Moment-I really wanted to set up Video Cam’s and Baby Monitors so I could keep a constant eye on the little feathery baby chicks :)Jen