Each day, since the beginning of the week, YES, I KNOW IT IS ONLY WEDNESDAY πŸ˜‰ Each day, I have started setting up different challenges for myself.

Realizing we just had “Christmas in July Dinner“, (see my previous post) I felt like I needed a “kick in the butt” so not to slip right in to fall and winter with no “NEW YEAR STARTING IN JULY RESOLUTIONS”

  • Listen to and Learn from My Elders BECAUSE they have stories to tell. They have life experiences that I might never know about unless I ask. Unless, I take the time to sit down and talk.
My parents are such blessings and they have these amazing stories!
  • Walk every morning, on the farm trail my husband is making for me.
Daisy The Bulldog on one of our morning walks!
  • Produce more posts. On this one, honesty took a quick sit-down with me. She said, “You would rather be writing your books, and poem books, or doing anything else than a blog because you lack self-confidence.” I agreed. Overthinking each word gets me nowhere. Which leads to the next challenge.
  • Be Me! Do My Best! I like me, because I am a very strong woman. All of us women need to believe in ourselves, knowing we are amazing and we can do anything we put our mind too. One of my favorite lines from the movie, The Help, “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” I could go on and on with this challenge, but…
  • Remember it is not all about me. I Love This One! Inspire Looking around, I am wanting to know what is happening in other people’s lives-their hobbies, interests, goals, and challenges they have. When in conversation, or passing I will strive to ask them how they are and let them share their thoughts. There is a bible verse that came through on my bible.com daily app. Colossians 4:6 Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. Let them talk, and I can ask questions and be engaged fully in the conversation without taking over and telling my similar experiences all the time.
  • The last one is meant to draw me outside more, to explore nature and to share with others what I find. Taking photos and videos. To Inspire

Write! Read! Explore! Have Meaningful Conversations! And Share Your Challenges and Inspiration :)Jen

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DTC Communications-Jump Up & Down & Say Hoorah

Adding photos, blogging, writing my book, and creating poems are more than hobbies. Serious time is spent reworking a line in my poem, a paragraph in my book. When we moved to the farm last October, little did we know that our Internet would run so slow. So slow in fact, that I pushed aside trying to add a Photo to a Blog on WordPress, get on PRESSBOOKS, or post on Facebook.

Then one beautiful Spring day, walking past the family room windows, a SUV passed with DTC Communications on the door panel. I nearly tripped, and fell over. They stopped down the road at the neighbors farm, and I felt jealousy seep into thought.

That day happened to be “Try to find the food I used to buy weekly at the grocery store with mask and gloves on”, day. My husband started the truck and off we went.

When we got to the neighbors, he stopped the truck and got out. He went up to the SUV. He said a few words, then the 3 men inside looked at me, and they all laughed! Not knowing why they were laughing, but laughter is contagious even if you can not hear it, I sat in the truck and began to laugh!

When my husband returned to the truck, he explained that he had told the men I called and emailed DTC Communications weekly. They knew me! Hoorah! They didn’t really, but thought it was cute how desperate I was to get internet. To stop the spiral of death when we tried to google something or watch Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, and Prime TV.

Thankfully, and much clapping and jumping for JOY, we will have DTC Communications at our home mid-May!!! Pictures that have been piling up on my computer, will finally be shown in gallery. There will be no cringing when I try to blog, write, post or save.

I feel like we received an early Christmas gift of lightening speed Internet!

Just wanted to share this wonderful news :)Jen