Hiding! Come Find Me

Our feature image is just like a game of Hide-N-Seek! I was out in one of our gardens this summer, and picked up a Seed Tray. The Tray had been left outside when Thunder and Lightning were threatening in an extremely dark sky. Rain poured for a couple of days. The dirt was nice and muddy. Lifting the tray, I saw this Toad. Surprise! He was cleverly camouflaged. Can you see him?

Psalms 104:24 How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.

The photo of the Chipmunk has been enlarged. When I found him, he froze! This gave me time to finish feeding our Chickens, and get my phone out of my pocket. Chipmunks are written as coming from the Squirrel Family. They are fast Rodents that love to get in our garden.

When I think of Rodents, I picture a Mouse or a Rat. On our farm, we have seen Mice in the house when the field is Baled. Their nests are discovered and they run for my home. And, a Rat in the Barn. These Creatures make me jump! But, not like Snakes do!!

Cleaning out Straw with a rake, I uncovered a small black Snake. Backing away, I decided I had done enough work for the day! No photo was taken. Ha!

The next photo, is of a Toad. He looks like he was found before he had time to properly get hid. πŸ™‚ Quickly taking the photo, I walked over to water our Ducks.

The nights are getting a lot colder, and the days are pleasant and sunny. More photos will be shared soon of the leaves changing, and Autumn arriving. May you have a beautiful day, blessed from the Lord up above. :)Jen

Healing for the Soul

Exploring New O’Hana Farm, here in beautiful Tennessee, with family, friends, and our pups, has been such an adventure and healing for my soul. We are coming up on our first year anniversary in less than a week! We were talking about this as we saw the colors changing on some of our trees.

For the next few posts, I am going to look through the year in photos. There may be repeats as I share them with you, but hopefully you will find them to be not only pretty, but interesting and comforting.

The first photo may not look like much, but can ONLY be truly appreciated if you are sitting on our swing in the Whimsy Garden we are creating!! Morning, Noon, and Night, being there is like viewing and feeling a little bit of heaven!

The double rainbow is shared from our side patio, and when I saw them, I felt like I was the only one on earth. I must have took 30 photos.

The moon is from last weekend. Our trampoline was destroyed by the huge tornadoes that ripped through Tennessee. We have been waiting to find and purchase a new one. As the family enjoyed glow sticks, s’mores, and jumping, I took the moon photo. We enjoyed staying up late, a bonfire, and family. The moon shone through the clouds, gently.

We truly have Gatlinburg, TN views as you look at the next 3 photos! Our home has plenty of windows that we leave without curtains and shades to enjoy the beauty of the seasons! Happy Autumn! :)Jen