Old Trees

This featured tree was struck by lightening last Friday.

Lightening and thunder was coming at our home from all sides! Then, a large boom and ball of red shot through the sky. Jumping up, I let out a scream. The dogs ran about, and the lights went out!

My goal is to go outside and find photos of interest on the farm to share. I dug through my archives of last Autumn, adding cool photos of old trees in our woods that had already lost their leaves. This morning, walking my laps around the farm, (Another Daily Goal) I took a few photos of the vibrant green leaves before they fade in to orange, yellow, and red colors.

With or without leaves, these trees are watching me! :)Jen

The English Bulldog Sleeps And Snores…

Anywhere and Everywhere 🙂 Here she took over our bed. Looking under my desk, the couches, the weight room, and the dining room, no Daisy. Panic set in that I left her outside in the heat. Bulldogs can not tolerate heat and cold for long periods of time. During the extreme weather, I let her out for 3 minutes. I found her snoozing and snoring away. Not on her queen size bed, spoiled pup, but on ours!

Pretty Skies

We have small mountains and hills where our sun rises. This morning, thick fog fills the spaces. The sun rays might be trying to push through. Here are photos of early morning pretty skies and photos of evening comfort.

Have definitely been shared before. The goal-Share all my experiences here on our farm, New O’Hana Farm, TN

Daisy the English Bulldog Her First Year

Time flies! It’s very true! We have really enjoyed our first year with our English Bulldog, Daisy Gentle Lee.

She loves her toys! Their (her sister Oreo, and her) basket is full of Kong Toys-Chew Bones and Squeaky Toys are Daisy’s favorites! Her diet is strict, but once a week, momma gives her and Oreo a snack toy with a little bit of peanut butter inside.

Daisy’s coat and polka-dot pattern is gorgeous, as you can tell when she had her photo taken on the purple rug! Her large polka-dot on her bum is her beauty mark and helps to show off her cute little tail when it wags.

Dress-Up time is adorable, but snuggle time with momma, daddy and Oreo is very important. Who could say no to those sweet eyes? She tries to sit up but she slips in to deep slumber quickly, and then the snoring begins 🙂

Her personality is consistently gentle and loving. Daisy loves when our grandchildren visit, and gets sad when they leave. She has never growled, nor snapped at anyone. We highly recommend an English Bulldog as a family dog, especially if you have children. :)Jen


Each day, since the beginning of the week, YES, I KNOW IT IS ONLY WEDNESDAY 😉 Each day, I have started setting up different challenges for myself.

Realizing we just had “Christmas in July Dinner“, (see my previous post) I felt like I needed a “kick in the butt” so not to slip right in to fall and winter with no “NEW YEAR STARTING IN JULY RESOLUTIONS”

  • Listen to and Learn from My Elders BECAUSE they have stories to tell. They have life experiences that I might never know about unless I ask. Unless, I take the time to sit down and talk.
My parents are such blessings and they have these amazing stories!
  • Walk every morning, on the farm trail my husband is making for me.
Daisy The Bulldog on one of our morning walks!
  • Produce more posts. On this one, honesty took a quick sit-down with me. She said, “You would rather be writing your books, and poem books, or doing anything else than a blog because you lack self-confidence.” I agreed. Overthinking each word gets me nowhere. Which leads to the next challenge.
  • Be Me! Do My Best! I like me, because I am a very strong woman. All of us women need to believe in ourselves, knowing we are amazing and we can do anything we put our mind too. One of my favorite lines from the movie, The Help, “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” I could go on and on with this challenge, but…
  • Remember it is not all about me. I Love This One! Inspire Looking around, I am wanting to know what is happening in other people’s lives-their hobbies, interests, goals, and challenges they have. When in conversation, or passing I will strive to ask them how they are and let them share their thoughts. There is a bible verse that came through on my bible.com daily app. Colossians 4:6 Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. Let them talk, and I can ask questions and be engaged fully in the conversation without taking over and telling my similar experiences all the time.
  • The last one is meant to draw me outside more, to explore nature and to share with others what I find. Taking photos and videos. To Inspire

Write! Read! Explore! Have Meaningful Conversations! And Share Your Challenges and Inspiration :)Jen

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