Repurposing An Outbuilding Into A MicroGreens New Home

On the farm, this building was once used by the previous owner to dry peppers, and prepare vegetables for canning and store them next door in the root cellar. (The Root Cellar is in Great Need of Repair, as are the other Buildings)
My husband is working so hard! Full time at work, then evenings and weekends on the farm. Painting, assembling shelves, installing a sink, and lights for the MicroGreen building.
I always wanted to learn to redo homes and I am learning a lot from him. He patiently shows me what he is doing when building extra shelving and counter tops.
Multitasking while we work! Roller-Paint Brush-And lots of fun talking and laughing together!! And, this little heater puts out enough heat to warm this building to a good level to dry the paint properly. My pink earmuffs help me to stay warm! 🙂
This color is called Sprout Green. Even though we are starting a MicroGreen Business, not growing sprouts, the color of the paint and the name Sprouts Lab for this building is cool!

This color will look great with the black mats and black appliances! Still not a finished product but we are also busy putting fences in all around the farm. Our weekends are for working hard and loving every minute of it!

Whispers of the Season

The morning sun chases the shadows in a perfect line across the field. The shadows drift quietly in to the woods. The rays filter down through the crisp winter sky, carefully warming each blade of grass. Frost gently disappears, as the whispers of the season appear. The Daffodils bloom. The Iris wait.

Family Bible

Being led this morning to my parents family bible, I felt like I looked through its beautiful pages for the very first time in 50 years. Why did I take it from the shelf this morning? Because I wanted to hold the bible in my hand.

On my phone is and I love to hear the chime when my daily verse has arrived. Reading Psalm 143:10, prayer filled my heart I would be led by my Saviour in all that I will do.

Today, I read the daily bible verse, but wanted to hold my bible. Going to the bookshelf, there was the family bible. As beautiful outside, as inside. The colored pages told stories.

Turning to the back, Red Lettering Showed a Promise from Jesus. Gorgeous Maps with Index. Gold Tabs with the Books of the Bible. Index. List of the Laws of the Bible, Tax, Court, Military, Citizenship, Family Life, Inheritance, and much more. Subject Directory to Paragraph Headings, which would lead any one of us to Several Verses in the Bible to Help us Learn. A Dictionary and Concordance.

The front of the Bible was just as amazing! A Picture in Color of a family gathered together as the dad read to them from the pages of the bible. The Lord standing there, silently, lovingly, watching them. And, the verse at the bottom read from Matthew 18:20, Where Two Or Three Are Gathered Together In My Name, There Am I In The Midst Of Them. My dad taught us from the Bible my whole life, and still does. He became a Baptist Minister when I was 6 years old. He is almost 82 and he still shares the Bible and the Lord’s Love daily wherever he goes.

My husband read nightly to our children. When they were young, it was from a Large Children’s Bible Story Book with Colored Pictures. To my delight, this Family Bible has a section of Bible Stories For Children. The Army that Won with Pitchers and Lamps (Judges 7:15-23), and even lists the page number so one can easily find the story. Stories of Moses and the Burning Bush (Exodus 3:1-6). Joseph’s Brothers Sell him into Slavery (Genesis 37:1-36) The Walls of Jericho Came Tumbling Down (Joshua 6:2-20) an on, an on!

Past this Wonderful Find, is Daily Bread Throughout The Year! A list of Bible Verses for Holy Days! And, a Passage from the Bible for each day of the Month of the Year!

My excitement shows, I know, and I am thankful. Reading a verse and/or passage from the Bible daily is something I never want to take for granted. Share verses and stories with others. Share your excitement! Pray daily and Have a Blessed Day. :)Jen

Daisy the Bulldog’s Favorite Cold Treat

I’m Daisy the Bulldog. My favorite treat to get me to go outside this winter, is of all things, ice cubes!

I love to hear someone go to the refrigerator, because that means I might get an icy treat.

Can I come in? I’m out of ice cubes!

Not trying to be picky, but I prefer the ice to be cubed, not crushed. Please, and thank you!

Winter’s Mild

Say, “Winter is Mild!”, with your Fingers Crossed. We have had a few cold days and a splatter of snow before this promising new year, 2020. A lot of rain has been arriving, of course, but this gives us ideas for saving this blessing to help water our gardens and animals. Anxious to till our new garden plots. And, our gardens of flowers, I pray they look like a dreamworld.

Can’t wait to order new little chicks, and watch them grow. See pools of water for our ducks scattered about. A donkey named Eeyore and a pyrenees with a warrior name walking with purpose in the field.

Trail cam’s are in our woods, to see what we see. Squirrel loves to show off. The sneaky fox walks by, looking right at the camera! Ms. Doe and Mr. Buck were back and forth several times. The Too Late Coyotes rushed by. A cute little animal that looked like a hedgehog, and a playful rabbit. The neighbor’s large farm dogs racing around to get a nose full of smells.

Riding out to check our trail camera’s Christmas night!

We also had two times when our faces held a question. That looked like a wolf, and who are those two people walking by?

There are a lot of broken old windows, watering tubs, bricks, and piles of mess. Things that need to be repurposed or hauled off.

But, what fun when the woods hold laughter and imagination! The grandkids creating a fantasy world of giants and pirates and fairies. Standing among the tall trees when the stars are peeking out. Discovering the home of rabbit. Little creatures hurriedly scurrying about. Swinging in the wooden swing. Collecting treasures in a bag, or reading a book, enjoying nature growing all about!

With my fingers crossed, I hope winter will stay mild because I am truly enjoying wandering about in my muddy shoes. Spying little flowers green stems appearing, seeing the deer prints around the oak trees, and waiting for spring.