Gary New

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Along a Fence row

Last year, 2020, we enjoyed Honeysuckle-Peonies-Knockout Roses-Queen Anne’s Lace. This year is different. Although we still have a lot of natural and planted beauty, the weather seems different. The featured photo shows what I believe is Passion Flower, but this year unfortunately, she might be a late bloomer. Whether it was cooler Spring mornings, and …

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Neaky Nake

The title, NEAKY NAKE, for Sneaky Snake, brings fond memories back of my mom saying this when I was growing up. My parents and I lived in Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, and Nebraska. Then Colorado, Florida, and back to Tennessee with my husband, kids, and my parents. Never have I seen as many snakes as I …

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Welcome In

In the middle of May and I find myself still raking Fall leaves and running the lawn mower over their crinkly souls. Just the thought that they are returning to the ground to help something else grow makes me not feel so slow in time. Might Winter be hiding and laughing around a corner of …

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