Into The Woods- Pussycat Where Are You?

Into the woods-pussycat where are you, made me realize something when I was picking out a photo. I felt like Winnie The Pooh (My Favorite Disney Character) when he is in the hundred acre wood. My title is into the woods-pussycat where are you? whereas Winnie The Pooh is in the hundred acre woods and says, “Tigger, is that you?

For me, into the woods-pussycat where are you? came from a few days ago when I wanted to visit our woods. They are not hundred acre woods, but are a nice couple of acres and my soul thoroughly enjoys being there. The pups and I thought we would just go up and let me swing on my wooden swing for a bit.

Standing at the gate before stepping into the field, something big and white caught my eye. Way out in the field in one of the trees this very large white cat with other colors on its back (or maybe they were shadows) was pacing back and forth on one of the limbs and appeared to be looking my way!

Now I love to explore but really don’t feel like being chased back home by a large cat. Our pups would do their best to defend the farm, but I can’t run fast anymore without falling hee-hee. Yes, I am like the characters in scary movies that we yell at to quit falling, quit running down the middle of the road and hide somewhere!

Telling my husband the story, he decided to take all us girls, (that’s me and our pups) to the woods. My excitement level was high as was the pups. We had a lot of fun walking about and even took time to do videos.


Headed into our woods! Pussycat! Where are you? Writing Prompts Writing Inspiration #woods #largecat #writingprompts #writinginspiration

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Unfortunately, we never found Winnie The Pooh andTigger too, and thankfully we never found the big white Pussycat! We did see a lot of beauty the Lord creates for us daily and a jacket full of Persimmons. Woohoo!

Hope you enjoy the photos and the video from my TikTok @jennewwrites. Check me out on Take a look at my poem book The Death Owl by Jennifer J New available on Amazon!! Have a beautiful day! Bye everybody!!

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