An English Bulldog Explorer

An English Bulldog Explorer named Liley is out in the wild jungle (the yard) among treacherous rock formations with tall dog eating plants (flower garden) lurking all about!

“What’s that rolling around down in the valley?” She fears the worst! Two Beasts have a human and are demanding treats (showering the human with slobbery kisses)!

Covering her face (because no one can see me when I hide behind yellow flower blooms) Liley has to make a decision. “Do I race down, jump on the humans belly, and demand treats? Or, be the heroine, rescue the human and be crowned Princess Liley?”

An English Bulldog Explorer named Liley has her crown and is on her throne (the couch). The human is safe. She looked into the humans face she had rescued, (he laughed and played with the pups and stood on his own).

Looking about Liley used her adorable face and big brown eyes to get the human to focus. (the human wanted to go in for a soda) She had said, “I am Princess Liley. We must take cover in the castle! (the house) We have not eaten in weeks. (a couple of hours) Our bodies are weak from wandering for days. (minutes) Run for safety!” (for treats)

Where will an English Bulldog Explorer named Liley go next out in this big world (New O’Hana Farm, TN)? Have your own kind of wonderful and exciting adventure using your imagination out in the forest or jungle 🙂 (your yard) Paws and Kisses! Liley, Daisy and Oreo

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