Hummingbird Blessings

Thank You Dear Lord for the Hummingbird Blessings You Have Given Not Only Me But My Mom! We lost my dad two years ago here on earth, but we know he is in heaven. From heaven above you sent us the precious Hummingbird Blessings! They uplift our souls and give us hours of happiness watching them fly up to mom as she changes their water each day, washing out their feeder. Our Hummingbird Blessings fly right up to her face and look at her, almost as if thanking mom for her gentle way!

We have been able to enjoy all our Hummingbird Blessings from their different colors and sizes. They land in the trees and buzz about our heads! We will miss them during the winter and look forward to their return next year! We can’t wait to see our Hummingbird blessings tiny bird nests and precious babies!

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  1. Do I see five hummingbirds at once in that video?! I’ve never seen so many hummingbirds at one feeder before! You truly have been blessed! <3 My grandmother used to feed them out her kitchen window, and if their water was empty (mainly because the racoons would get to it) they would fly over to her living room window and hover there staring at her until she filled it. 😂 They have such sassy personalities when they want something.

    1. That is too funny! The hummingbirds love her and hover right by her face waiting for her to refill their feeder!
      Yes! I counted 12 flying around trying to get their turn at the feeders. They are so much fun to watch and we love their sassy personalities that make us happy!

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