Time To Spoil Our Pups

This is the time to spoil our pups, August 10. But every single day for us here on New O’Hana Farm, TN is a precious time to spoil our pups!

TURN this video UP and listen to these girls snoring! I guarantee y’all will be laughing and you can’t help but smile. Nap time happens around 10:30 in the a.m. and usually on our bed. One reason I think they really love napping on our bed is because this helps our pups feel closer to us! Plus they really are suppose to be on their very big and comfy bed, but that’s no fun. 🙂

Every day is time to spoil our pups Daisy, Oreo and Liley. They are feed well with breakfast of kibble, egg or pumpkin. Supper does not have to be announced as they have an internal clock that let’s us know it is 5:15 in the p.m. Chicken, Pork or Beef arrives with vegetables. Cheese and Peanut Butter and “Who wants a treat?!” are words they know and brings them running.

I love the sounds they make as they smack their lips as they chew a snack. I hope I never forget this sound or their continual love and sweet personalities.

Each personality is different but similar. One likes to be on guard laying on the couch or a chair looking out the window. This one is Oreo our 4 year Blue Heeler Collie Mix.

Daisy our 4 year old English Bulldog loves to sleep but has become more playful having Liley around. Liley is Daisy’s 1 year old baby.

Liley makes us laugh all day long! She loves her little pool outside and jumps up and down and turns all around in the water! She hides her toys under their family room bed. Well, she also hides herself under the family room bed and takes a nap or rushes out to chase Oreo and Daisy.

They are all similar in that they all want to be in whatever room I am in. We go outside a few times together in a day and I think I really see a smile on their furry faces. They run around me, making me feel special. They really want me to walk with them.

Our life just would not be the same without the blessings of their never ending love. They are listed on my List of Blessings! Our pups are family. Time to spoil our pups is a blessing to me, and I will cherish the love they freely give each and every day.

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