God’s Beautiful Creations

These photos do not do justice to all God’s beautiful creations we see here on New O’Hana Farm, TN. I take thousands of photos of nature, flowers, sunset and sunrises, the moon, clouds, our pups, birds and bugs.

God’s beautiful creations deserve to be shared not sitting on my computer. So, I am working on filing them in better order and naming the folders. This takes a lot of hours because I keep adding more photos!

What an inspiration and comfort to the mind and soul when you see what healing God’s beautiful creations provides. Scrolling through my photos brings a smile to my face and makes me happy. We are truly blessed from above!

With time I hope and pray to have my Portfolio filled to the brim with as many of God’s beautiful creations for you to enjoy! Check out my Portfolio! It’s a beginners but I hope you enjoy looking through them!

Get out and enjoy nature this week. Share your photos and leave comments! Have a Wonderful day :)Jen

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