The Red Barn

The Red Barn invites you in! Empty and tall. What has been in her stall? Honoring July 9 Red Barn Day.

The Red Barn on our New O’Hana Farm, Tn calls me in. Quietly I enter and hear her whisper. She begins to weave her story with the old tree beside her.

From wood, our red barn on our New O’Hana Farm, TN she stood. From limb and stem, the tree, in all forms of weather, is with our red barn on our New O’Hana Farm, TN. The tree and she, they stand together in all their glory.

One old tree on our farm peeks up proudly behind our Red Barn. She was probably built around 1974. When was your barn built?

  • Did you build your Red Barn?
  • What kind of animals have been in her stalls?
  • Do you feel you have found a quiet spot in your barn to think and pray?
  • What kind of barn is on your farm?
  • Let your imagination run with the stories your Red Barn might hold?

Check out part of a poem written on The Barn Whispers. Bitter sweet memories, the red barn, she knows as she is about to fall.

There are some pretty spectacular Red Barns out there! Hope you share your photos. I have some old black and white pictures of my families many farms in the 1800 to the 1900’s! Massive and Gorgeous. Wish I could travel back in time and hear their stories! Have a beautiful day! Bye Everybody

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